Entry Permit for Mining Companies

Entry Permit for Mining Companies

Online permit applications for Mining companies and explorers are now being accepted for dates beginning June 5, 2020.

Applications are found here. All applications must include COVID-19 Declarations, COVID-19 Management plans and, if applicable, evidence of quarantine. Details are provided below.     

COVID-19 Declarations

Applications for Permits to Aboriginal Land must include signed COVID-19 Declarations found below. Fill in the declaration and email to mining.admin@clc.org.au

Download the COVID-19 Declaration here [PDF]

COVID-19 Risk Management Plans

All applicants must also forward their COVID-19 Management Plans to mining.admin@clc.org.au

NT border quarantine requirements

Mining explorers and their contractors who will be entering the Northern Territory must complete 14 days quarantine before permits to Aboriginal land will be issued. Entry to communities is not permitted and any permittee must either have been situated continually within the NT for at least 14 days prior to entry on Aboriginal land or, for any permittee entering from interstate, they must have undertaken isolation for 14 days prior to entering aboriginal land, and display no symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. Permit conditions will continue until further notice and whilst border restrictions apply.

For permitees from interstate, applications will be considered ‘pending’ until quarantine evidence is received. Evidence of quarantine completion should be forwarded to mining.admin@clc.org.au.