Application for an entry permit for essential service contractors

Essential Services Permit Applications

CLC Essential Service Provider permit applications cease on June 5, 2020 along with the Commonwealth Biosecurity Determination restrictions to designated areas in the Northern Territory.

For access to designated areas before June 5, 2020 Approved Remote Essential Worker (AREW) ID cards are required. All remote essential worker permit applications are processed through the Northern Territory Government. For more information and to download an application for an Approved Remote Essential Worker ID, please visit the Northern Territory Government website here:

To find out more, please call the hotline 1800 518 189 or email

Aboriginal Land Entry Permit requirements after June 5, 2020

CLC Essential Service Providers permits issued beyond June 5, 2020 are valid until their stated expiry dates.

AREW card holders with expiring CLC Essential Services Permits will need to apply for Aboriginal land Entry Permits here.