Application for an Entry Permit

Online applications for CLC permits are now being accepted for dates beginning June 5, 2020. Essential Service Providers with expired permits or in need of renewals should apply >>here

Due to health risks for community members any non-resident travel to remote communities in Central Australia should be reconsidered other than required travel for health, supply and essential services personnel. Non-essential travel to or through remote communities in Central Australia is not recommended at this time due to the CV19 transmission risk.

The tradional owners of the Simpson Desert Aboriginal Land Trusts (have instructed the CLC not to issue permits for the remainder of 2020. Permit applications for the Pmer Ulperre Ingwemirne Arletherre ALT, Pmere Nyete ALT, and Atnetye ALT will be declined until further consulltations in early 2021. There will be no access to the Colson, Madigan or Hay River Tracks this year. 

Please note that any previously issued permits to travel on the Colson, Madigan or Hay River tracks are not valid.