Work at the Central Land Council

There are a number of vacant positions at the CLC. A career with the Central Land Council is exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Employees enjoy 'family friendly' conditions in a large organisation with an excellent reputation, nationally and internationally.

There is an emphasis on professional development and the CLC has been a stepping stone along the career path of many Australians who are now prominent in their fields. The Land Council employs lawyers, anthropologists, geologists, land management and community development specialists and local people with specialised knowledge of the country and its people.

Working for the CLC with Aboriginal people in Central Australia gives you a rare opportunity to experience Aboriginal culture and to make a positive contribution to the services the CLC offers which benefit Aboriginal people in its region.

The skills and friendships you gain from working in this unique and friendly workplace will last you a lifetime.

The beautiful landscapes of Central Australia and  the diverse and supportive local community of Alice Springs have meant that many have stayed far longer than they originally intended to. Alice Springs has a population of 27,000 people and is an excellent place to bring up children.

The Central Land Council (CLC) selection for employment is based on the merit principle to encourage a fair, consistent and equitable process that is both flexible and timely in its application.

The CLC is an Equal Opportunity employer and adheres to the requirements of equity and diversity.

Positions vacant

View and apply for advertised positions here

The application process is completely online.

Information on applying for a position at the CLC

The Application

Your application should include:

  • A completed CLC Application for Employment Form (available from the CLC website)
  • A covering letter stating the position title and number
  • A brief overview of why you would like to work for the Central Land Council
  • Any experience you may have in working with Aboriginal people
  • A written statement of claims against the selection criteria. You must address all the items listed in the selection criteria document by clearly stating how you meet the requirements by citing specific examples to demonstrate competencies.

Short-listing of candidates for interview is based on assessment of how clearly and well the selection criteria are addressed.

Please include a current curriculum vitae stating:

  • Secondary and tertiary education qualifications (copy of tertiary academic results should be included)
  • Other relevant qualifications such as languages
  • Employment history, current and previous, summarising position and duties and length of service
  • Personal details including home and postal address as well as phone/fax/email contact details

NOTE: Should you be selected for interview, you may be required to provide documentary evidence of your education/tertiary qualifications.

Referee contacts

Please provide the names, position title, current phone and address for three (3) professional referees. These referees must be able to comment on your actual work performance against the Selection Criteria.

Do not include personal, family or social referees.

Lodgement of Applications

Written applications must be received by Close of Business on the day specified in the job advertisement and should be addressed to the:

The Recruitment Officer,
Central Land Council ,
PO Box 3321,
Alice Springs
NT 0870
Fax: 08 8958 2805

Email: jobs

A separate application must be submitted for each position being applied for.

If you lodge an application by fax, please ensure the original reaches us by the closing date.

Applicants who do not meet the lodgement requirements may find that their application is not considered.

Late applications are not automatically accepted.

Short-listing generally occurs in the week immediately after the closing date and CLC may consider accepting a late application depending on the circumstances. Should you wish to be considered as a late applicant, you will need to contact the person named in the advertisement or the Human Resources section prior to the closing date and put your case forward.

Should your request be granted, you will need to reference this in your application stating the name of the authorising CLC officer. 

Generally this is the manager or a senior officer associated with that position and can provide more detailed information about the position. For further information on Conditions of Employment not covered below please contact jobs or the Human Resources Officer listed in the advertisement.

Selection Process

Applicants are short-listed for interview by a panel selected for that particular position. Selection is at the panel's discretion and considered against the Selection Criteria.

If you are selected for an interview you will by contacted by phone to finalise arrangements. Applicants who are not selected for an interview will receive written notification or be contacted by phone. Interviews can be by phone or in person, or a combination of both and are generally conducted in Alice Springs.

Face to face interviews for some applicants may involve a one or two night stopover in Alice Springs. On occasion, the applicant may be required to nominate further referees to demonstrate particular skills.

Selecting the preferred applicant is based on the selection panel's assessment of the written application, performance at interview and reports gathered from referees. The selection panel then seeks the Director's approval for their preferred candidate.

Once approved, the preferred candidate is  given an Offer of Employment. The person has five days to respond to the offer and failure to do so may result in the offer being withdrawn. All unsuccessful applicants interviewed, are notified in writing once the selection process has been finalised.

Travel for interview

Applicants who live outside of Alice Springs and are selected for a face-to-face interview will be contacted by the Human Resources Officer to make the necessary travel arrangements.

This generally involves transport by air for those who live interstate or in Darwin, as well as overnight accommodation paid for by the CLC. Candidates are responsible for all meals and transfer costs (ie: taxi to/from the airport, etc) as well as any other costs associated with their visit to Alice Springs. Occasionally applicants may wish to extend their time and return on a later flight. The Central Land Council will only vary flights if no additional cost is involved.

Conditions of Employment

Conditions of employment are as stated in the employee's individual contract of employment.  
All employees are covered by  the Central Land Council Enterprise Agreement.
There are mandatory conditions for certain positions, including the requirement to legally work with vulnerable people (demonstrated by a current OCHRE Card) and a driver's license.

Contract Employment

Depending on funding/project, positions may be offered on a fixed term or an ongoing basis.

Probation Period

All employees are required to complete a satisfactory probation period for the first six months of their employment. During this time assessments are made on work performance in the position against a number of criteria.
Should performance against position criteria prove unsatisfactory, and after due process, an appointment may be terminated during the probation period.

Recreation Leave and Airfares

Five  weeks annual recreation leave is provided.

Employees are entitled to recreation leave airfares (equivalent to Alice Springs/Adelaide return) for themselves and approved dependants following each 12 months of continuous service.


The Central Land Council may assist in relocating successful applicants to commence employment.

This will include one way airfares for employee and family. If you choose to drive, the airfare component is converted to a mileage/travel allowance payable on evidence of actual expenditure and will not exceed the equivalent airfare entitlement.

Removal of personal household effects and furniture to a maximum of 10 cubic metres per single person, 20 cubic metres per couple and 35 cubic metres per family. If a motor vehicle is to be transported it would be included in the cubic metre rate applicable. CLC does not cover removal of plants, pets, special items or the cost of insurance.

Housing Assistance

This may be available to staff recruited from intrastate/interstate.

Staff relocating to Alice Springs are eligible to apply for a short term lease at the CLC flats in Chewings Street. These flats come fully furnished and equipped and the rents are set at Territory Housing rates.

If you are applying for a CLC position based in a regional or remote location, the Human Resources Officer can provide details of accommodation assistance available for that location.


A salary range is shown in position advertisements. Staff progress through the range with annual increments based on performance. CLC employees are paid fortnightly, by EFT bank transfer. CLC offers all employees flexible salary packaging arrangements. Details are provided on confirmation of appointment.

District Allowance

All staff receive a district allowance based on the locality in which they reside in the NT. Rates are in line with current APS determinations.


Superannuation is provided in accordance with statutory requirements and is made to the Central Land Council corporate superannuation scheme, Acumen. Employees can also contribute additional amounts into this scheme if they choose to.

Further Information

Please contact the Human Resources section if you have any other enquiries regarding employment at the Central Land Council.

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