CLC Delegates - Region 3

CLC region 3

Andrew Johnson

CLC delegate Justin Paddy


Lajamanu Outstations
Languages: Warlpiri and English.
Details to come



CLC delegate Juanita RogersJUANITA ROGERS

Bamboo Springs
Languages: Malgnin, Jaru, Ngaringman and English. 
Director of the Mistake Creek Cattle Company. “I live on a small remote community on my country, Bamboo Springs,  looking after my family. My mum inspired me to stand for the CLC.”




CLC delegate Leah LehmennLEAH LEAMAN

Dagaragu Outstations.
Languages: Gurindji and English.
Remote family support officer with Territory Families.
“The history of Gurindji people and the old people inspired me to stand for CLC. I enjoy painting, fishing and camping.”


CLC delegate Justin PaddyJUSTIN PADDY

Daguragu Outstations
Languages: Gurindji and English.
Builder at the Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation, member on the Karu-Bulangkani store committee and Kalkaringi/Dagaragu community leader.


CLC delegate Alistair JigiliALISTAIR JIGILI

Languages: Warlpiri and English.
Administration officer with the Katherine West Health Board. “My father is my inspiration in many ways, including for the CLC. I hope to carry on with the CLC like my dad.”


CLC delegate Sharon AndersonSHARON ANDERSON

Languages: Warlpiri and English.
Teacher assistant at the Lajamanu school (15 years, with advanced primary school teaching diploma). Member of the Warlpiri Education and Training Trust’s advisory committee and director of the Granites Mine Affected Area Corporation.
Registered interpreter and accredited mediator who also works with World Vision in early childhood development. “I like to see strong members to be on the CLC who can speak up and be a strong advocate."


Languages: Gurindji and English
Director of the Daguragu Ngumar Aboriginal Corporation since 1989.
“I will try my best to push for the store-office and bigger lights for the oval at my community.”



CLC delegate Natasha GeorgeNATASHA GEORGE

Mistake Creek
Languages:Gurindji, Malign and English.
"I used to look after Mistake Creek Station with my partner. We cleaned it up. I am proud to be a CLC delegate for my region."  This is my second time on this council. My father used to come for meetings and he inspired me to stand. "I used to look after Mistake Creek Station with my partner. We cleaned it up.