CLC Delegates - Region 4

CLC Region 4.

CLC delegate Teddy LongTEDDY LONG

Languages: Anmatjere, Warlpiri and English.
CLC executive member since 2012 and delegate since 2007. Director of the Wirliyajarrayi Cattle Company, community leader, member of Willowra's Granites Mine Affected Area Aboriginal Corporation (GMAAAC) committee and former member of the ATSIC Regional Council. "I am proud of the Wirliyajarrayi Land Trust."

CLC delegate Jacob SpencerJACOB SPENCER

Languages: Warlpiri, Luritja and English.
Community leader, member of the Central Desert Regional Council and Nyirrpi's store director. Works for the Aboriginal Interpreter Service. “I am proud of getting things done for the community, of being a grandfather and a role model for my family and community.”


CLC delegate Matthew EganMATTHEW EGAN

Languages: Warlpiri and English. 
Chair of Yuendumu social club. Worked with the community development program as a Granites Mine Aboriginal Area Aboriginal Corporation director. “I’m proud of being one of the delegates for the Yuendumu community, supporting the programs that the CLC deals with. I really want to help with outstations and make things go ahead to develop them, making it better for people that live on one.”


CLC delegate Tess RossTESS ROSS

Yuendumu outstations
Languages: Warlpiri, Luritja and English. 
Former teacher who has worked on bilingual education programs in Tanami communities for 50 years. Yuendumu Baptist Church leader and local authority member. 
“I am proud of helping students and old people. I sit with the old ladies and teach about jukurrpa and our connection to country and language. I want to teach land council staff about country and jukurrpa and to learn Warlpiri. I want to speak up for outstations on the south side and stand up for my country. To speak up for bilingual education for my people. I am also guiding Warlpiri rangers when they go out to Newhaven, my father’s country.”

CLC delegate Warren WilliamsWARREN WILLIAMS

Yuendumu outstations
Languages: Warlpiri and English. 
Member of the Warlpiri Youth Development and Yapa Kurlangu Ngurrara Aboriginal Corporations, the Southern Tanami Kurdiji Mediation team and Yuendumu's local authority. “I want to be a spokesman for Yuendumu, the community I represent on the CLC.”


CLC delegate Ross RockmanROSS ROCKMAN

Tanami Downs
Languages: Warlpiri and English. 
Member of the Granites Mine Aboriginal Area Aboriginal Corporation committee for Tanami Downs outstation. “I am a spokesperson for Tanami Downs and I am proud of working with the land council as a first time delegate.”


CLC delegate Dwayne RossDWAYNE ROSS

Languages: Warlpiri, Anmatyerr and English.
Works for the night patrol in Willowra.
“I am a member of Willowra’s Granites Mine Affected Area Aboriginal Corporation committee and helped to build a shade area next to the basketball court. I enjoy helping people with problems such as stealing and if they have problems with young people. I listen to people in the community and take their feedback to the council. I want to talk about housing and water when I’m on council. My mum and my grandfather have been on the council before me.”


CLC delegate April MartinAPRIL MARTIN

Mount Barkly
Languages: Anmatyerr, Warlpiri and English.
Community safety patrol worker and former team leader at the Central Desert Regional Council. CLC delegate since 1996. "I am glad to be an elder and spokesperson for country. I am a Central Desert Shire councillor and a chair of Waltja."

CLC delegate Roslyn Jones



Mount Denison