CLC Delegates - Region 6

CLC delegate Patricia FrankPATRICIA FRANK

Tennant Creek

Details to come


CLC delegate Michael JonesMICHAEL JONES

Tennant Creek
Languages: Warumungu, Warlmanpa and English.
CLC executive member, linguistics graduate and former art and housing worker. "I am proud of my achievements as elder and first Warumungu night patrol worker, of getting the Devils Marbles back and setting up the Nyinka Nyunyu Art and Culture Centre in Tennant Creek.  Hatches Creek and land around that, we won that.  I worked on leasing with the Australian and NT governments."

CLC delegate Dianne StokesDIANNE STOKES

Languages: Warumungu, Warlmanpa and English.
CLC delegate 2002-2004, campaigner against nuclear waste who helped to stop a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station. Spokeswoman for two tribes, night patrol worker and former Community Development Employment Project co-ordinator.
"I am proud of doing a community development plan for Karlumpurlpe community near Tennant Creek."

CLC delegate Jorna MurphyJORNA MURPHY

Ngurratiji (Ngurrammanyi)
Languages: Warumungu, Alywarre and English.
Former night patrol worker. “When I was younger I was going out with older people to see country. I came to listen to the council meeting and was interested. I want to be a role model for young ones.”


CLC delegate Ronald BrownRONALD BROWN

Languages: Warlmanpa, Warlpiri and English.
Working on Karlantijpa North, Phillip Creek and Tennant Creek Station native title claims. Trying to set up cattle projects on homelands.

CLC delegate Sandra MorrisonSANDRA MORRISON

Languages: Warlmanpa, Alywarre and English.
“I am proud of teaching young kids about language and culture at primary school in Tennant Creek. A lot of people past and present are inspiring me.”



Canteen Creek
Languages: Alywarre and English.
Canteen Creek football club coach.
"I'm proud of winning my first grand final as the Canteen Creek football coach.I want to help achieve better schooling and other opportunities for the kids in the community."


CLC delegate Tony WillyTONY WILLY

Languages: Wakaya, Wombaya and English.
CLC delegate since 1980, former stockman, night patrol and town council worker in Tennant Creek. "I am proud of my work as police tracker after Cyclone Tracy."


CLC delegate Peter CorbettPETER CORBETT

Languages: Alyawarr and English.      
Community leader, youth mentor and chair of the Arlpwe Arts Centre. Member of Alekarenge's community development working group, local authority, shop committee and horticultural board. 


CLC delegate Derek WalkerDEREK WALKER

Languages: Alyawarr, Kaytetye, Warlpiri, Warrumungu and English.
Works at the Alekarenge school. Member of the Alekarenge community development working group, local authority and shop committee. 
“I went to Melbourne for the 2018 Indigenous Governance Awards [where the community development working group was highly commended] and gave a speech. I want to work for my community and lead the way for younger generations.”


CLC delegate Ned KellyNED KELLY

Imangara (Murray Downs)

Languages: Alyawarr, Kaytetye, Warumungu, Warlpiri, English
Former stockman, drover, road train driver, Barkley Regional Council and Julalikari Council worker.
“I am proud of teaching young people languages and culture, and to work. I was working hard back in the old days with not much machinery, just hand tools.I want to make sure we keep our languages and culture strong. Let the government know that education is very important for the kids. Make sure we look after country through the CLC land management program and the ranger program.”



CLC delegate Owen TorresOWEN TORRES

Epenarra (Wutunurrgura)
Languages: Alywarr and English.
First aid instructor (paramedic level). "I can teach white man's First Aid and how our people do things. My nanna came from Soudan Station. Her father sold her as a slave to Darwin. I'm proud of moving back to my mother's country, Wayaka lands, and learning culture from my mother's people who keep me on track."


CLC delegate Brian CrafterBRIAN CRAFTER

Tennant Creek native title holders (Patta)
Languages: Warumungu and English.
Native title holder for Tennant Creek. Former CLC ranger who has been involved in many community projects, site clearances and mining planning for the Barkly region. “I am a spokesperson for the Tennant Creek community and like to focus on caring for country.”