Funeral Assistance

In recognition of the high mortality rate among Aboriginal people in Central Australia and the low incomes of most people, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs has made available a limited amount of funding to assist people. Due to the high level of need, rules have needed to be applied.


The Funeral program provides financial assistance to constituents of the CLC to assist with expenses associated with funerals. Allocation of CLC funds received for Funeral Assistance is subject to the guidelines and procedures contained in this policy document.

Funds will be allocated on application to the CLC by eligible persons for limited financial assistance.

 Funeral Expenses:

Assistance is available to off-set costs associated with funerals, specifically a contribution towards the costs of the casket and funeral service.

There is a limit of $5,500.00 (incl. GST) per application for all funerals conducted between 01/03/2020 and 30/06/2020.

Approval process

An application is to be made to the CLC in accordance with Attachment A by the close family of deceased.

The name of the deceased person and  their date of Death is recorded on the application form.  

Name of Community the person is from and place of birth and date of birth also required.

The application must be accompanied by a quote from the funeral service provider and can be faxed to 89534346.

Applications require the approval of the CLC Director.

A single purchase order per application will be raised by the CLC for the purposes of paying a professional Funeral Provider for casket and service expenses only. Purchases of items of individual preference are not covered by the funeral assistance program. Eg Flowers.

Note: Allocation of funding for funeral expenses are not divided by CLC regions because many people pass away whilst in hospital in Alice Springs.

Funeral fund application form here