The Council

The Central Land Council is a representative body of 90 Aboriginal people elected from communities in the southern half of the Northern Territory.

CLC members take part in a Council induction before electing a new leadership team in April 2016

The council sets policy for the CLC. Its functions and rules are specified in the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (NT) 1976.  The council meets three times per year in different locations within the CLC region.  Meetings are generally open to all Aboriginal people in the CLC area but only council members may vote or hold office.

The list of communities and allocation of representatives are subject to review by the council and approval by the federal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

CLC's Governance Manual


Download the CLC's governance manual



Council elections

Council elections are held every three years.  Communities and outstations in the CLC area nominate one or more members for a three year term.  At the first meeting of the new council, the members vote for the positions of chair and deputy chair, and to elect the five members who will represent the CLC on the Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) Advisory Committee.  These elections are run by the Australian Electoral Commission.  Members then gather in nine groups to nominate an executive member for their region.

The last CLC election was held in April 2019.