The CLC’s commitment to service

The Central Land Council Service Charter is for all Aboriginal people and members of the wider community who conduct business with the Central Land Council (CLC) .

CLC Service Charter

This Service Charter sets out the services provided by the CLC, the standard of service you can expect from us and how you can provide feedback to the CLC on any of our services, or comment on our performance.   

About the CLC

The Central Land Council is a Commonwealth Statutory Authority that operates under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976.  CLC is also a recognised Native Title Representative Body under the Native Title Act 1993. As a Commonwealth statutory authority CLC is subject to the provisions of the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997.

The Central Land Council is first and foremost a representative organisation for the Aboriginal traditional landowners in its region.

Services CLC provides

The Central Land Council provides a number of services for the benefit of traditional landowners and other Aboriginal residents of the CLC region.  In particular the CLC:

  • Helps provide a strong voice for the Aboriginal people in Central Australia
  • Helps Aboriginal people get back country and assert native title rights
  • Consults with landowners regarding development proposals, such as exploration and mining activity
  • Manages the permit system for Aboriginal land
  • Helps Aboriginal people manage their land
  • Helps to protect Aboriginal culture and sacred sites
  • Assists with economic projects on Aboriginal land
  • Promotes community development and improved service delivery
  • Fights for the legal recognition of Aboriginal peoples’ rights
  • Helps to resolve land disputes
  • Assists in the management and distribution of royalty monies


More information on CLC services and activities are available from a variety of sources including CLC staff, publications and electronic media.  Specifically, these sources include:

  • Central Land Council Annual Report
  • Land Rights News
  • Central Land Council Strategic Plan
  • CLC pamphlet- an Introduction to the Central Land Council
  • Central Land Council website.

The publications detailed above are available on request. 

What you can expect from us

In dealing with CLC staff you can expect that:

  • You will be treated in a professional way with courtesy, impartiality, fairness and honesty
  • Privacy and confidentiality will be observed
  • Any advice given to you by staff is accurate, consistent and in  language that is clear and easy to understand
  • Staff will respond to your inquiries in an orderly and timely manner
  • Staff will at all times be sensitive to cultural protocols and issues.

All consultants engaged by the Central Land Council shall also be bound by these service standards.

What we expect from you as an Aboriginal resident of Central Australia

  • That you are respectful and courteous in your treatment of CLC staff
  • That you will provide staff with any relevant information needed to deal with your inquiry

What we expect from you as a member of the wider community who wishes to conduct business with the Central Land Council

  • That you will obtain a permit from the CLC before entering onto Aboriginal land. This permit must state clearly what your reason is for visiting Aboriginal land.
  • That you will observe any limits placed by Traditional Owners on a permit obtained from the CLC. 
  • That you will observe the research and intellectual property protocols of the CLC.
  • That you will be respectful and courteous in your treatment of Land Council staff.
  • That you will provide staff with any relevant information needed to deal with your inquiry.
  • That you do not remove anything from Aboriginal land without first obtaining permission.


We want to improve our services, your views and feedback are therefore very important to us.  We welcome any comments, suggestions or complaints you may have about any of our services or our Charter.

There are three levels at which your feedback can be addressed:

  1. You can contact the relevant CLC Manager/Section Head (refer below)
  1. If you are not satisfied with the result or have other concerns or comments relating to the delivery of services then you can contact the Director of the CLC.
  1. If the Director is unable to resolve the issue then the next option is to contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Level 1

CLC SECTION                            

  • Directorate including Policy and Media  
  • Human Resources
  • Property                                                                                                          
  • Anthropology                                                                                                   
  • Legal                                                                                                              
  • Mining                                                                                                            
  • Native Title                                                                                                      
  • Land Management
  • Economic Development
  • Mining
  • Finance
  • Regional services

contact: Head Office

27 North Stuart Hwy

Alice Springs, NT 0870

0889 516211


  • Aboriginal Associations Management Centre       

6 Kennett Court

Alice Springs

NT 0870       

(08) 89524566   (ph)

(08) 89534346 (fax)


Level 2


Central Land Council

PO BOX 3321

Alice Springs 0871


Level 3

Commonwealth Ombudsman Northern Territory

12th Floor, NT House

22 Mitchell Street

Darwin 0800


GPO Box 1344

Darwin NT 0801


PH (08) 8991818      FAX (08) 8999 1828


Monitoring and Review

The CLC will monitor feedback and complaints in order to improve our service delivery.  The CLC will also monitor its performance in relation to the standards set out in this Charter and this will be reported in our annual report.  

The CLC will review this Service Charter twelve months after implementation, taking into account all feedback.  Additionally, the review will consider any comments from staff and service providers on their experience in implementing the standards set out in this Charter.

Your comments

Please direct your feedback or enquiries regarding this Charter to the Director of the Central Land Council.


Central Land Council

PO BOX 332

Alice Springs 0871