CLC Delegates - Region 1

CLC delegate Philip Wilyuka


Languages: Pitjantjatjara,Arrernte and English.
Educated at St Philips College, Alice Springs High School and Kormilda College.Pastor and Titjikala community leader. Former stockman and teaching assistant. ABA Advisory Committee member.Former chair of the CLC, AAPA and the Titjikala community council and former member of the ATSIC Regional Council.

CLC delegate Ngarla Kunoth-Monks


Alice Springs native title holders
Languages: Alyawarr, Arrernte and English.
Only female CLC executive member. NT representative of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Womens Alliance. Set up the Alekerre First Nations Cultural Trust to eliminate poverty among First Nations people world-wide.  "I would like to see a national treaty to put indigenous people on an equal playing field with governments. I am proud of my children and that they have retained their cultural heritage."

CLC delegate Raeleen SilvertonRAELEEN SILVERTON

Languages: Arrernte, Luritja, Pitjantjatjara and English.
CLC delegate since 1986, AAPA board and former ABA advisory committee member."I want to work towards independence for West Waterhouse outstation and getting young people involved.I am following in the footsteps of my uncle Luther Ubutja, to be strong and looking after country."

CLC delegate Patrick OliverPATRICK OLIVER

Yatesman Bore Outstations
Languages: Luritja, Western and Eastern Arrernte and English.   
Educated at Santa Teresa School. Former carpenter, station, aged care and dialysis worker. CLC delegate since 1995."I am proud of what I have done, where I am now and being a strong speaker."

CLC delegate Barbara ShawBARBARA SHAW

Alice Springs town camps
Languages: English. 
First female CLC delegate for Tangentyere Council, where she co-co-ordinates the family safety group targeting domestic violence in town camps. ABA member. Uluru Statement working group member. Engagement officer with the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT. Former Green Party candidate and board member of the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association, Institute for Aboriginal Development and Central Australian Aboriginal Programmes Unit. National Nuclear Free Alliance and co-chair of Aboriginal Housing NT. Advocate for a better education system.

CLC delegate Mark InkamalaMARK INKAMALA

Ntaria (Hermannsburg)
Languages: Western Arrernte and English.
Employed by the Tjuwanpa Resource Centre in Ntaria, "working with young men on skills such as welding" and community driven development projects, for example cemeteries upgrades.Member of the Wurla Nyinta local reference group and Ntaria’s community development working group.Former researcher with NintiOne and the Strehlow Research Centre.

CLC delegate Mildred InkamalaMILDRED INKAMALA

Ntaria (Hermannsburg) Outstations
Languages: Western Arrernte, Kaytetye, Luritja and English.
Works on community driven development projects in Ntaria. Grew up in Tara and worked for the Ntaria Community Council, MacDonnell Shire, Department of Families and Children, Correctional Services, Education Department and DASA. Advocate for the community and children."I like being a CLC delegate, want to learn more about the issues my people are facing and to make better life for kids."

CLC delegate Conrad RataraCONRAD RATARA

Ntaria (Hermannsburg) Outstations
Languages: Western Arrente and English.
CLC delegate since 1993, former chair of the Tjuwanpa Resource Centre and member of Ntaria's community lease money working group. "I am proud to be working with the CLC, the land and the Western Arrernte people. I have learnt a lot from the CLC in that time. It is good to work with CLC members and young members coming on board."

CLC delegate Eric FlyERIC FLY

Ntaria (Hermannsburg) Outstations
Languages: Western Arrernte and English.
Works with CDP (work for the dole scheme), supporting young fellas with activities."I'm a new delegate and want to learn more about how the land council works."


Alice Springs native title holders
Languages: Arrernte, Warlpiri and English.
Worked for the Alice Springs prison and Amooguna night patrol, with young kids and in sport and recreation. "I enjoy working, if there is the opportunity I will do it."



Alice Springs Outstations
Languages: English, Eastern Arrernte and Alyawarre.
Lhere Artepe member. Worked as an interpreter (Aboriginal Interpreter Service) and a welder (Centre for Appropriate Technology), plumber and handyman. “I got a lot of experience. At my outstation, Corkwood, I’m working on the cattle yard, fencing and planting fruit trees.”



Languages: English, Arrernte, Luritja, Pitjantjatjarra.
Boilermaker who worked for BHP at Whyalla, on the railway in Port Augusta, the abattoir at Narwietooma and built houses at Kaltukatjara. Represents West MacDonnell ranges outstations. “I liked doing stock work with horses on stations around Alice.”


CLC delegate Raymond PalmerRAYMOND PALMER

Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa)
Language: English.
Community leader and school attendance officer at Santa Teresa. Director of the community’s AAA Corporation and member of Santa Teresa’s community development working group. “I am proud of representing my community as a CLC delegate and of achieving 90% school attendance. Our school has a nutrition program, so our students have breakfast and lunch at school.” 


CLC delegate Rosanne EllisROSEANNE ELLIS

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