CLC Delegates - Region 3

CLC region 3

CLC delegate Norbert PatrickNORBERT PATRICK

Lajamanu Outstations
Languages: Warlpiri, English, Gurindji and Western Arrernte.
Acting president of the Central Desert Regional Council. Member of the Lajamanu Store and Katherine West Health boards and the Kurdiji mediation group. Former teacher. "I want to work with people and delegates to do the right thing for people, the CLC and the community of Lajamanu."

CLC delegate Desley RogersDESLEY ROGERS

Bamboo Springs
Languages: Malgnin, Jaru, Ngaringman and English.
Proud of working on the Malgnin/Nyinin and Mistake Creek land claims with the old people. Successfully fought for more than 10 years for recognition of Brumby Plains outstation. "I hope for a future there for the children and grandchildren."



CLC delegate Michael GeorgeMICHAEL GEORGE

Dagaragu Outstations.
Languages: Gurindji  and English   Daguragu night patrol team leader. “I am proud of working for the Victoria Daly River Regional Council."

CLC delegate Jimmy WavehillJIMMY WAVE HILL

Daguragu Outstations
Languages: Gurindji and English.
Former stockman and veteran of the Wave Hill Walk Off. CLC delegate since 2001. “My father told me everything and gave the knowledge. I am doing my best."

CLC delegate Willy JohnsonWILLY JOHNSON

Languages: Warlpiri and English.
Works for the NT Health Department in the Katherine region on improving health issues. Member of the Central Land Council and the Central Desert Regional Council.  “I have been fighting for people and land rights."

CLC Delegate Howard KingHOWARD KING

Languages: Gurindji and English.
Worked with the Katherine West Health Board. "I am proud to be a CLC Delegate for the first time."



Mistake Creek
Details coming.


Details coming.