CLC Delegates - Region 4

CLC Region 4.

CLC delegate Teddy LongTEDDY LONG

Languages: Anmatjere, Warlpiri and English.
CLC executive member since 2012 and delegate since 2007. Director of the Wirliyajarrayi Cattle Company, community leader and member of Willowra's GMAAAC committee and former member of the ATSIC Regional Council. "I am proud of the Wirliyajarrayi Land Trust."

CLC delegate Jacob SpencerJACOB SPENCER

Languages: Warlpiri, Luritja and English.
Community leader, member of the Central Desert Regional Council and Nyirrpi Store director. Works for the Aboriginal Interpreter Service. “I am proud of getting things done for the community, of being a grandfather and a role model for my family and community.”

CLC delegate Valerie MartinVALERIE MARTIN

Yuendumu Outstations
Languages: Warlpiri, Anmatjere and English.
Works for the Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation as cultural advisor. Interpreter, media worker and school advisor. Chair of PAW Media, the Yuendumu Mediation Committee, deputy chair of the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority. Director of the YKN Aboriginal Corporation. Member of Yuendumu's night patrol, women’s centre, the GMAAAC committee, the Kurra Aboriginal Corporation, the Warlpiri Education and Training Trust and the ABA Advisory Committee. 

CLC delegate Harry NelsonHARRY NELSON

Languages: Warlpiri and English.
CLC delegate since 1988. Member of the ABA Advisory Committee and the the Yuendumu Mediation Group. Warlpiri leader, former teacher, correctional services worker, community advisor and ATSIC Regional Council member. Worked with the CLC to win back and protect sacred sites. Helped to set up Yuendumu's outstation resource centre (Yapa Kurlangu Ngurrara Aboriginal Corporation) with the community's lease money.

CLC delegate Francis KellyFRANCIS KELLY

Languages: Warlpiri and English.
Chair of the CLC and Pintubi Anmatyere Warlpiri (PAW) Media. Documentary maker with a long career in Aboriginal media. Former health worker, teacher and mechanic. Supports his community through dispute mediation, community and youth development and advises on cultural issues. Wants to achieve "a better and harmonious life for people through land rights."

CLC delegate Tommy WatsonTOMMY WATSON

Yuendumu Outstations
Languages: Warlpiri and English.
Member of the Yuendumu mediation group and long term school liaison officer. "I am teaching culture every day. Keep Culture Strong is the name of the program that started 20 years ago on my great great grandfather's land." Member of Yuendumu's local authority and director of the Yuendumu Mining Company. Worked for Yuendumu's housing organisation, resource centre and community council. Chaired the Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation.

CLC delegate Peggy GranitesPEGGY GRANITES

Tanami Downs
Languages: Warlpiri, Jaru and English.
Profile: "I feel proud of supporting the young generation, especially young ladies. I am teaching them about the importance of their traditional land because these days everyone is crossing country. I encourage people about the Lord who has given us this land and I really want to support it. It is in my heart."


CLC delegate April MatrinAPRIL MARTIN

Languages: Anmatyerr, Warlpiri and English.
Community safety patrol worker and former team leader at the Central Desert Regional Council. CLC delegate since 1996. "I am glad to be an elder and spokesperson for country. I am a Central Desert Shire councillor and a chair of Waltja.

CLC delegate Ashley MartinASHLEY MARTIN

Mount Barkly
Languages: Warlpiri and English. 
Supervisor of community work team at Willowra. Holds a certificate II in construction. Holds a Certificate II in Construction. Member of Willowra’s Sports and Recreation Committee. Plays football for the Willowra Blues and mentors young men. “I am proud to be the father of three young children, of teaching them culture and taking them hunting. This is my first time as CLC delegate


CLC delegate Roslyn JonesROSLYN JONES

Mount Denison
Details coming.