CLC Delegates - Region 6

CLC delegate Heather RosasHEATHER ROSAS

Tennant Creek
Languages: Warumungu and English.
Night patrol worker and interpreter with the Aboriginal Interpreter Service in Tennant Creek. "At the CLC, we learn from each other, meet new people, support and encourage each other. I am proud of representing my community and also caring for my niece who has medical issues.  I am an excellent cook, appreciated by family and friends."

CLC delegate Dianne StokesDIANNE STOKES

Languages: Warumungu, Warlmanpa and English.
CLC delegate 2002-2004, campaigner against nuclear waste who helped to stop  a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station. Spokes- woman for two tribes, night patrol worker and former CDEP co-ordinator."I am proud of doing a community development plan for Karlumpurlpe community near Tennant Creek."

CLC delegate Geoffrey MurphyGEOFFREY MURPHY

Ngurratiji (Ngurrammanyi)
Languages: Warumungu, Alywarre and English.
First time CLC delegate. "I helped to set up a cattle business and build a shed and toilet at Ngurayminyi outstation where I am also mustering. I worked with Julalikarri CDEP to clean up the Tennant Creek town camps."

CLC delegate Ronald BrownRONALD BROWN

Languages:Warlmanpa, Warlpiri and English.>
Working on Karlantijpa North, Phillip Creek and Tennant Creek Station native title claims. Trying to set up cattle projects on homelands.

CLC delegate Kelvin MorrisonKELVIN MORRISON

Languages: Warumungu and English.
Profile: First time CLC delegate. Worked in land management, construction and in a nursery. Has done a ranger course.I’m proud of my community, Kalanjarri, and my Warumungu culture.”


CLC delegate Michael JonesMICHAEL JONES

Tennant Creek
Languages: Warumungu, Warlmanpa and English.  
CLC executive member, linguistics graduate and former art and housing worker. "I am proud of my achievements as elder and first Warumungu night patrol worker, of getting the Devils Marbles back and setting up Nyinka Nyunyu Art and Culture Centre in Tennant Creek.  Hatches Creek and land around that, we won that.  I worked on leasing with the Australian and NT governments."         

CLC delegate Adrian MickADRIAN MICK

Canteen Creek
Languages: Alyawarr and English, understands Warlpiri.
Former chair of the Canteen Creek community council. "I fought for and am proud of what is in the community now: an airstrip, a clinic and a shop. I worked for a year to rebuild them."

CLC delegate Tony WillyTONY WILLY

Languages: Wakaya, Wombaya and English.
CLC delegate since 1980, former stockman, night patrol and town council worker in Tennant Creek. "I am proud of my work as police tracker after Cyclone Tracy."

CLC delegate Peter CorbettPETER CORBETT

Languages: Alyawarr and English.      
First time CLC delegate. Community leader, youth mentor and art centre worker. Member of Alekarenge's community development working group and local authority. 

CLC delegate Ethan WilsonETHAN WILSON

Languages: Alyawarr, Kaytetye and English.
Works for the Barkly Regional Council, cleaning up Alekarenge. Former Arlpwe Gallery board member.

CLC delegate Phillip DobbsPHILLIP DOBBS

Imangara (Murray Downs)
Languages: Alyawarr, Kaytetye and English.
"I am proud of teaching the younger generations the proper way about life and culture."