CLC Delegates - Region 7

CLC delegate Michael LiddleMICHAEL LIDDLE

Languages: English and Alyawarr.
Executive member and former deputy chair of the CLC, director of Urapuntja Aboriginal Corporation. “I worked on the Itwelepentye National Park, the Hatches Creek Native Title Claim and the Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles) National Park Joint Management Plan. “

CLC delegate Casey HolmesCASEY HOLMES

Utopia Homelands
Languages: Alyawarr and English.
Former head stockman on Elkedra Station and many other stations. "I have been working with the CLC for a long time on site clearances and land claims. I worked to get land back - Devils Marbles and Davenport Ranges. I come to mining meetings and other CLC meetings on a regular basis."


CLC delegate Maurice DroverMAURICE DROVER

Alpurrurulam (Lake Nash)
Languages: Alyawarr, Arrernte, Akityarre and English.
Has worked for night patrol worker and as grader operator. “I lived on my country for the last six years and I know how important it is to look after country.”

CLC delegate Peter MortonPETER MORTON

Languages: Alyawarr and English.   
Has worked for night patrol and on Elkedra station. “I like ceremony time when all families get together and we teach the young people about the country. I enjoy hunting, riding and teaching young people about horses.”


CLC delegate George ClubGEORGE CLUB

Utopia Homelands
Languages: Alyawarr and English.
Has been working for the Urapuntja clinic for a long time. "I am proud to have been involved in the Angarapa and Alyawarr land claims."

CLC delegate Elton RossELDON ROSS

“I am proud to represent Irrultja and my family. I like to help with ceremony, going hunting, helping old people and teaching young people.”


CLC delegate Kenny WoodmanKENNY WOODMAN

Areyn (Derry Downs)
Languages: Alyawarr and English.        
"I am proud to represent Alparra".


CLC delegate Tex LewisTEX LEWIS

Languages: Alyawarr and English  
"I am a proud father and proud to represent my family."


CLC delegate Rosco LoyROSCO LOY

Languages: Alyawarr and English.      
"I am proud to represent Alparra on the Central Land Council. I like to sit with old people and talk about country. I enjoy going hunting, and playing footy in Alice Springs.”