CLC Delegates - Region 9

CLC delegate Jasper HainesJASPER HAINES

Nturiya (Ti Tree Station)
Languages: Warlpiri, Anmatyerr, Kaytetye  and English.
Executive member of the CLC. Former member of the ATSIC Regional Council and the Central Desert Shire Council. Former chair of the Anmatjere Community Council. "I teach culture to the kids at the Ti Tree School and to my in-laws' kids in Adelaide. I used to play Aussie Rules, volleyball, soccer, hockey and baseball. I love hunting. I am married to Pamela Brown and we have three grown up kids and three granddaughters.”

CLC delegate Tommy WalkaboutTOMMY WALKABOUT

Barrow Creek outstations
Languages: Kaytetye, Anmatyerr and Warlpiri.
Former stockman at Neutral Junction, Banka Banka and Phillip Creek stations. “From there I went broncoing for a contractor.” I am proud to get my outstation back at Angkelegklwe, near Barrow Creek. I am happy to support my family and follow the sacred sites. I have been a delegate for a long time and will continue to stick with CLC."

CLC delegate David StaffordDAVID STAFFORD

Yuelamu (Mount Allen)
Languages: Anmatjerre, Warlpiri and English.
“I am proud to be working at my community as a team leader with the shire, as well as being elected as the CLC delegate in my community of Yuelamu.

CLC delegate Ron HaganRON HAGAN

Yuelamu (Mount Allen)
Languages: Anmatyerr and English.        
CLC delegate since 1996. Night patrol worker and former team leader at the Central Desert Regional Council. "I am proud to be elected as a community delegate for CLC and learned from the elders talking about land during my time as a delegate."

CLC delegate Kim BrownKIM BROWN

Pmara Jutunta (Ti Tree Six Mile)
Languages: Kaytetye, Anmatyerr, Warlpiri, Alyawarr and English  
School bus driver, former stockman, mechanic, CDEP team leader at Ti Tree, CDEP worker at Adelaide Bore and Anmatyerr Ranger. “It is really important to look after country, especially the sacred sites.” “I am proud to pick up the kids for school and to represent my community as a CLC delegate.”


CLC delegate Harry MooreHARRY MOORE

Wilora (Stirling)
Languages: Kaytetye, Anmatyerr and English.
Former stockman and contract musterer on Central Australian cattle stations. "I also worked on a copper mine, in the open pit near Neutral Junction Station. I was proud to be asked by my community to be a CLC delegate. I am proud to follow the old people's footsteps and show the sacred sites when working on land and native title claims."

CLC delegate Ross PurviseROSS PURVIS

Adelaide Bore (Woola Downs)
Details coming.


CLC delegate Peter StaffordPETER STAFFORD

Laramba (Napperby)
Languages: Anmatyerr, Warlpiri and English.
"As a young person I worked as a stockman at Coniston Station  and as a tracker at Ti Tree. I have also been a night patrol officer at Laramba for 13 years and a road plant operator in my region. As a delegate I want to speak up and represent my community."

CLC delegate Timothy PriceTIMOTHY PRICE

Barrow Creek outstations
Languages: Eastern Anmatyerr, Kaytetye and English.
Worked as a teacher for 10 years at Wilora and Neutral Junction. Barkly Regional Council member, former ATSIC councillor and first deputy chair of the Anmatjere Community Government Council. “I am really proud of my daughters, one of whom is now working as a teacher at Neutral Junction. As a new delegate I want to speak up strong for the region I represent."