The members, the executive and the chair

Aboriginal residents in each of the CLC's nine regions elect delegates to represent them at land council meetings and to inform them about the discussions and outcomes of these meetings.

The 90 council members elect the CLC's 11-member executive, a committee of the council with formally delegated powers. The executive meets between council meetings, generally seven or eight times a year. It is comprised of the chair, the deputy chair and one member from each of the CLC's nine regions.


The chair - Francis Jupurrurla Kelly

Francis Kelly was re-elected chair at a council meeting on 20 April 2016.

 He is a long term CLC member and  also chairs PAW Media in his home community of Yuendumu. Mr Kelly is well known for his work on films such as Bush Mechanics and Coniston.

The deputy chair - Sammy Butcher

Sammy Butcher is a prominent musician from Papunya who travelled the world with the Warumpi Band and now mentors young people in his community. He was re-elected deputy chair at a council meeting on 20 April 2016.





The Executive


Region 1 Alice Springs

Executive Member: Vacant


Region 2 South West

Executive Member: Sammy Wilson


Region 3 North West

Executive Member: Norbert Patrick


Region 4 -  Tanami

Executive Member: Teddy Long


Region 5 Western

Executive Member: Vacant


Region 6 Tennant Creek

Executive Member: Michael Jones


Region 7 Eastern Sandover

Executive Member: Michael Liddle


Region 8 Eastern Plenty

Executive Member: Neville Petrick


Region 9 Central

Executive Member: Vacant