Council moves to end destabilisation

Posted: Fri, July 25, 2014

The Central Land Council has resolved to end months of destabilising and distracting leadership tensions.

At their meeting in Tennant Creek from 22 to 24 July 2014 the delegates approved one month’s leave for the CLC chairman, Mr Maurie Ryan, and agreed on a range of measures to strengthen the land council’s governance.

Council directed the chairman to stop improper attempts to remove the director, Mr David Ross, and that any further comment on the leadership of the organisation must be authorised by the Council.

“The Council is keen to get on with the important job of fighting for the interests of Aboriginal people”, said the acting chairman, Mr Francis Kelly. “For example the tough grog restrictions at the Top Springs roadhouse they have just achieved.”

He congratulated the Kurdiji Law and Justice Committee, a group of respected Warlpiri leaders in Lajamanu, on its win in the struggle for alcohol restrictions at the roadhouse near Kalkarindji.

The CLC has strongly supported the group to apply to the Northern Territory Licensing Commission for restrictions that minimise the considerable harm from takeaway alcohol sales by the roadhouse.

“The CLC convinced the commission to hold hearings in Lajamanu and Kalkarindji in April and May so it could hear first hand about the devastating impacts of takeaway grog on the ground”, he said.

On Monday the commission imposed the toughest restrictions yet on the licensee of the roadhouse.