Land Rights News Central Australia: Land Rights News (April 2010)

Published: April, 2010

Papunya rangers

The land management project is based within the Haasts Bluff Aboriginal Land Trust and jointly funded by the NT government, through the Eco-link initiative, and the Commonwealth government. It aims to:

    Maintain or enhance natural and cultural values at locations within the region;
    Gauge traditional owner aspirations regarding land management options for their country; and
    Evaluate the viability of a long-term land management program for the region.

The eight community members who have been employed as rangers have been engaged in training exercises and on-the-ground works.

During the course of the project a fauna survey will be conducted, important water sites will be monitored, traditional ecological knowledge recorded and a burn off program undertaken.

The trainee rangers will be assisted by members of the award-winning Tjuwanpa Rangers from Hermannsburg and staff of the NT Parks and Wildlife Service.

The high level of interest and enthusiasm of the trainee rangers has already been evident during field trips to rarely visited country with senior traditional owners.

During these trips, the rangers have been taught the cultural and biological values of the places and contemporary land management issues have been discussed.

There’s also been a high level of interest from community members of all ages in the pilot program with many turning up to the CLC office to see how it’s going or to offer help and support.

The rangers will be producing a DVD of the pilot project to showcase their work.