Land Rights News Central Australia: Land Rights News (April 2010)

Published: April, 2010

Waste dump site: Use the Land Rights Act says the CLC

CLC Director, David Ross said that the traditional landowners of the two sites at Alcoota and Mt Everard worked very hard to prevent having a waste dump foisted on them.

“I congratulate the traditional landowners of Alcoota and Mt Everard, and other people who assisted them for their strength and determination in fighting against the imposition of a radioactive waste dump on their country.

“They will be relieved and happy to see legislation pass through parliament that confirms these sites are not going to proceed,” Mr Ross said.

Muckaty station, north of Tennant Creek, is outside the Central Land Council’s region but some traditional owners of that site live in the CLC’s area.

“We have had representations from people who are opposed to the nomination of Muckaty and I can only urge the Minister and the NLC to now deal with the process under section 19 of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act which will ensure that a proper process is followed,” Mr Ross said.

“An outcome forced on a divided group will entrench divisions and lead to on-going disputation and social problems.

“This is certainly not best practice for site selection of radioactive facilities,” Mr Ross said

“The history of the siting of a waste dump in the Northern Territory has been a litany of broken promises and coercive actions from the present and the former Australian Governments.

“It’s been shoved down peoples throats and I think that people need to go back to fair and equitable processes regardless of whether it’s a nominated site or not,” Mr Ross said

On a lighter note, the Central Land Council was delighted  Alice Springs Alderman Murray Stewart would like ‘a nuclear waste suppository’ (Alice Springs News, March 11 2010).

CLC director David Ross said traditional owners would be extremely pleased that Mr Stewart seems to have singlehandedly provided a solution to the problem of nuclear waste.

“I congratulate Mr Stewart on such selfless insight and encourage more politicians to follow his leadership,“ Mr Ross said.

“It seems like there’s nothing Alderman Stewart won’t do for the good of the community.”.

For those who have never experienced the suppository, it is a “solid or encapsulated medicinal substance inserted into the rectum...” (Macquarie Dictionary).

The Sunday Territorian gleefully reported the mistake  describing the Alice Springs News as “a fish and chip wrapper”.

Mr Stewart who is usually very outspoken on all kinds of matters appears to remain unaware of his inappropriate turn of phrase.