Land Rights News Central Australia: Land Rights News (August 2012)

Published: August, 2012

Five Year Leases Come to an End

The controversial five-year leases the Howard Government took out over all major communities in Central Australia will expire on August 18 this year.

The  ‘leases’ were compulsory acquisitions for five years, taken without the consent of traditional owners, and strongly opposed by landowners and the Central Land Council

They were a central part of the Howard Government’s Intervention or Northern Territory Emergency Response in 2007 .

The ALP Government kept the five year leases in place but promised to pay ‘fair’ rent.

For the last two years the CLC has been negotiating with the Australian Government over the way this rent is being calculated, and this process is almost finalised. 

In the meantime, most five-year lease communities have had one meeting with the CLC to discuss distributing and using the five-year lease money for the benefit of their community. 

The first payment of five-year lease money has been received and the CLC is hopeful that the next and final payment will be distributed around October 2012.

Minister Macklin promised not extend the five-year leases.