Land Rights News Central Australia: Land Rights News (October 2011)

Published: November, 2011

David Ross: Intervention means they now pay rent

“It’s taking some of those departments time to come to terms with this,” Mr Ross said.

“And there are other people like churches and stores who are also coming to terms with the idea that they now need to pay rent to Aboriginal people for the use of their land so we are going through this process of waking people up. “But the intervention also affected people on the down side, the signs that were put up on Aboriginal land telling the world that you weren’t to have alcohol, you weren’t to have pornography, all

Of these things on these signs pointed the finger at Aboriginal men and it’s still having a hell of an impact four years down the track .

“It didn’t do well for the psyche of Aboriginal people.

“On the Basics Card we did our own research in a number of communities which said it was 50-50: some people think it’s a good thing and some people think it’s a bad thing.

“Communities already had their own alcohol restrictions and in Tennant Creek they had Thirsty Thursday where no alcohol was sold on Thursdays.

“Aboriginal people all over the nt need a relief day when no alcohol is sold and not just for Aboriginal people. It would give everyone relief,” he said.