Land Rights News Central Australia: Land Rights News (October 2011)

Published: November, 2011

Nippers bring tourist business to Umpiyara

In September the CLC Executive approved a two year land use agreement between the land trust and the Nipper family company, Umpiyara Tourism Aboriginal Corporation (UTAC).

UTAC can now make similar agreements with operators who want to bring tourists to Umpiyara.

UTAC is not only about tourism jobs and training for Anangu.

The Nipper family wants to do tourism so they can earn money to develop their homeland over time.

They hope the business will allow them to visit Umpiyara more often and to look after country.

Along the way they want to teach Anangu and tourists about their culture.

UTAC is a not-for profit corporation, which means that all income will be used to pay Anangu workers, to develop Umpiyara and to grow the business.

Barbara and her family have provided bush camping and cultural awareness activities for groups of paying visitors at Umpiyara for years, but without proper plans and permits.

The traditional owners have wanted to clarify matters for a long time.

They have asked UTAC to prepare and environmental management plan and get sacred site clearances.

Some of the next steps are business planning and partnerships with tourism operators.

Members of the Nipper family from Mutitjulu and Areyonga recently got together at Mutitjulu for a two-day “governance” workshop with the Office of the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations (ORIC).

Governance is about how a corporation organises itself to get things done.

The family spent a lot of time translating English words and ideas into Pitjantjatjarra and learned about their responsibilities as members and directors of UTAC.

After the workshop they travelled to Umpiyara to talk with interested tourism operators about how they might work together.