Land Rights News Central Australia: Land Rights News (April 2012)

Published: April, 2012

Indigenous Affairs Minister, Jenny Macklin announces a funding boost to the Aboriginal Alcohol Programmes Unit while in Alice Springs in March (2012).

Ten Year Funding Boost to the Bush

A decade of funding worth $2.2 billion should bring much needed relief to remote communities in the NT.

The Federal Government has announced $2.2 billion in funding to the Northern Territory over the next ten years as part of its Stronger Futures package.

While the Stronger Futures legislation has been heavily criticised by opponents of the Intervention, the funding announcements have not surprisingly, received a far warmer welcome.

Member for Solomon Labor MHR Warren Snowdon said the amount of funding for remote communities was ‘unprecedented’ in Australian history.

The Australian Government announced $206 million for outstations,  $619 million for community safety, 583 million for education  and $719 million for health over the next decade.


Outstations $206 million plus $15 million from the NT Government

  • Support to supply outstations with power , water and sewerage and road maintenance
  • Support to to organisations that provide essential services to outstations

Community safety  619 million –

  • NT Government can continue employing 60 full time police in 18 remote communities and build four more police stations
  • Continue with the successful Substance abuse Intelligence Desk and Dog Operations Unit
  • Continue to fund night patrols across 80 communities
  • Australian federal police will continue to support NT Police
  • Extend legal assistance and services

Health $719 million

  • Alcohol and other drug treatment  workers to provide support in 20 communities as part of local Alcohol Mannagement plans
  • Continue to fund community controlled health organisations
  • Funding 2000 hearing checks and education about ear health
  • Preventative oral health services to 12,000 children
  • Continue funding Mobile Outreach Plus Service to deal with trauma from child abuse and neglect
  • Four new  mental health services

Education $583 million

  • Retain 200 teachers in remote communities
  • Invest in remote teachers to ensure they have skills for specialist teaching
  • Professional development for Aboriginal school staff
  • Continue funding of school nutrition program’
  • build up to 100 houses for teachers
  • Expand the School Enrolment and Attendance Measures (SEAM)