Land Rights News Central Australia: Land Rights News (September 2010)

Published: September, 2010

Courses for horses

The CLC and Mistake Creek Station have been running the course for three years and more than 50 people have completed it.

Employment Unit Project officer Becky Mack said the course was for anyone, whether they had little experience or they used horses everyday.

“This year we had 23 participants from Tanami Downs Station, Mistake Creek Station, Kalkarinji, Alice Springs and Tjuwampa,” Ms Mack said.

“The first two days of the course are about understanding horses, why they do certain things, why they react the way they do and so on and then the rest of the week is working with your horse on the ground and in the saddle.

“Over the week people became more patient and more self controlled and I think they really enjoyed it.

“For the whole week we just rode with a lead rope and halter and on the last day we looped the lead rope to make two reins, but up until then it was one rein riding!,’ Ms Mack said.

Queensland horse trainers Steven Burke and Gregory Luke have been coming to Mistake Creek Station since the course started to teach and improve horsemanship skills to Indigenous stockmen and women in the NT region.