Land Rights News Central Australia: Land Rights News (September 2010)

Published: September, 2010

Grazing workshop at Bluebush

Norm Hooker and his family run a small cattle herd at Bluebush and welcomed the chance to host the workshop. Other participants came from Mangarlawurru, Nguyarramini, Hatches Creek, Kurnturlpara and Tennant Creek.

CLC land management worker Kate Crossing said more than a dozen Aboriginal pastoralists turned up to talk about cows, soil quality and everything in between.

“On the first day we learnt about understanding the country that we’ve got, from rainfall to land types to grasses," she said.

“We did some thinking about how plants grow, and how cattle get fat from eating them.

“Out in the paddock, we looked at lots of different grasses, and talked about which ones were good food, and which weren’t.

“We talked about how to check if your land is in good condition, or if it’s run down.

“We learnt some ways to manage stocking rates to look after country, for example spelling a paddock for a few months after rain to let the good grasses set seed.

“Bushfires NT talked to us about fire in the Tennant Creek region, and Naomi from Barkly Landcare talked about the weeds we need to look out for, and how to manage them. We also had a look at some soil erosion along a fence boundary.

“Everyone went home armed with grass and weed guides, and some new ideas to take back to their own properties,” she said.

If you want to know more about the course or would like one run in your area, please contact the CLC’s pastoral unit.