CLC Media Statement - 10 June 2014

Posted: Tue, June 10, 2014

On the 30 May the Chairman provided a letter to the Central Land Council which asserted that the ‘Executive today resolved’ to suspend the ‘CEO’.  Mr Ryan was advised by letter the same day that it was clear from his correspondence that no valid meeting of the Executive had taken place and that the purported dealing with the employment of David Ross was of no effect. 

Mr Ryan was advised that his actions did not appear to be conducted in good faith in the best interests of the Central Land Council, nor for a proper purpose. 

The last meeting of the CLC Executive was held in Tennant Creek on 22nd May 2014, however, Mr Ryan chose not to attend.  The 90 member Council has previously urged Mr Ryan to work with the staff of the CLC, including the Director, David Ross.  Authority for the Director’s employment ultimately rests with Council which endorsed the Director’s employment at the end of 2013.

David Ross said ”There are many challenges that face Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory and the CLC is focused on achieving better outcomes for people out bush.  It is disappointing and distracting for an organisation when personal issues are aired in the media – there is no substance to what appears to be an ongoing campaign to destabilise this Council, which has proudly represented Aboriginal interests for over 35 years.’’