What is Happening with the Weather? Climate Change Book Launch at Santa Teresa

Posted: Mon, December 08, 2014

The cover of the new climate change book.

The Central Land Council’s Ltyentye Apurte Rangers are proud to launch a community resource book about climate change on Tuesday, 9th December.

Climate Change: What is Happening with the Weather in Central Australia is one of the main outcomes of a climate adaptation project that saw them collaborate with the CSIRO, Ninti One, Tangentyere Land and Learning and the Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa) community.

“The book combines our Indigenous ecological knowledge and experience with the latest in climate science”, said CLC chair Francis Kelly. “It has already helped our Ltyentye Apurte Rangers to plan their work for the year ahead.”

Ltyentye Apurte ranger co-ordinator Shannon Lander said the project partners talked about living in hotter conditions and how to better learn and work together.

“We looked at the data since the 1970s, which clearly shows that there are more days over 40 degrees, as well as more storms and variability in rainfall.”

Mr Lander said his team focused on managing soil erosion.

 “Visiting Woodgreen Station to see the results of four decades of gully restoration gave us a new understanding of the time and commitment needed to deal with the impacts of climate change”, he said.

“Realising what’s possible built our confidence and motivated us to take action on our own country.”

The book will be launched at 10am at the Ltyentye Apurte Recreation Centre at Santa Teresa.

Mr Landers said the rangers are keen to share what they’ve learned and will distribute copies of the book to other ranger groups and communities in Central Australia..

The rangers plan to co-present a paper about the project with the CSIRO at the rangelands conference in Alice Springs next April.


5 December 2014

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