Annual Report 2010-2011

Published: December, 2011

Output 4.1 Public Awareness and Education


The CLC plays an important role in informing its constituents and the wider public about Aboriginal issues in Central Australia. Every year the CLC produces a wide range of informative and educational materials on issues of importance to Aboriginal people. It is also often the first point of contact for journalists and the general public wishing to know more about Aboriginal people in Central Australia


The CLC Media Unit sets out to provide timely responses and advice on key issues, to increase the awareness of the Council and to maximize positive media coverage.
It prioritises communication with its constituents in its efforts to ensure that Aboriginal people in the bush fully understand some of the complex and rapidly changing issues which directly affect them.
It does this through organising events, issue management, public relations and producing or arranging web, print, radio andTV content.

During the reporting period the CLC was involved in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the handback of Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park.
The CLC continued to produce educational materials on a range of issues important to its constituents.
In addition, its media monitoring presentations at Council meetings continue to provide valued information to Council members.
A new website has been developed but its launch was significantly delayed due to a well publicised breach of security on a privately hosted server located off-site.
The problem affected thousands of sites nation-wide.