CLC Governance Project Brief

Strengthening Community Governance in Remote Service Delivery (RSD) Sites in Central Australia - December 2010

This project aims to develop a new model for solving the ‘governance gap’ in remote communities. The project will work with community residents and traditional owners to create an effective and legitimate
community governance mechanism that can:
(a) ascertain and articulate the aspirations of the diversity of community residents, and ensure those aspirations are reflected in the Local implementation Plan;
(b) provide for a strong community ‘voice’ and increased participation;
(c) recognise and build leadership capacity;
(d) ensure government agencies, and other organisations, consultations and engagement are targeted and effective;
(e) fulfil the CLCs consultation requirements for matters inside the community including s.19 leasing requests and planning consent processes; and
(f) provide a model for successful and legitimate community governance that can be applied more broadly.
One of the five main objectives in the National Partnership Agreement (NPA) on RSD is to “improve the level of governance and leadership within Indigenous communities and Indigenous community organisations.” Getting this objective right is critical for communities to be not only able to engage and negotiate with governments, but also to drive their own development and take the lead in addressing their issues over the long term.

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