CLC response to Community Living Area Land Reform Discussion Paper (CLA Reform)

Community Living Area Reform Discussion Paper (CLA Reform)- Central Land Council Response

There is a genuine and increasingly urgent need for reform of the Northern Territory legislation affecting CLAs in order to allow for the residents of CLAs to have more control over their land. This includes the ability for leases or licences to be granted by the Aboriginal land owners for existing and proposed stores, art centres, police stations, power and water assets, offices and other businesses. There is also a need to address the inequitable situation that currently exists under the planning scheme whereby CLAs face much greater restrictions than apply for communities on Aboriginal land.   

Though reform would ideally be led by the Northern Territory Government it is evident to the CLC that there has been insufficient movement by the Northern Territory Government towards addressing this important matter. Accordingly, the CLC supports the Commonwealth using its regulation making powers under the Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Act 2012, provided that the regulations respond to the issues identified in consultations with residents of CLAs and the Land Councils.