CLIMATE CHANGE Learning about what is happening with the weather in central Australia

This book was produced as part of a CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship project in partnership with Ninti One Ltd. The project worked closely with Central Land Council
(CLC) Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa) Rangers, and CLC Land Management gave invaluable support. The Indigenous Land Corporation is the major funder of the
Ltyentye Apurte Rangers.
The CSIRO project leader was Ro Hill. CSIRO Scientists Ashley Sparrow, Fiona Walsh and Jocelyn Davies, and Meg Mooney from Tangentyere Council, contributed to the
Ltyentye Apurte Rangers involved in the project were Richard Furber, Norbert Mulladad, Gibson John, Paul Oliver, Charles Hayes, Malcom Hayes, Charles Lechleitner, Bronwen Cavanagh and Petria Cavanagh, and ranger co-ordinator Shannon Lander.