Kurdiji - Warlpiri Law and Governance

Kurdiji - Warlpiri Law and Governance Lajamanu map, visitor booklet and Warlpiri Governance charts

Kurdiji Lajamanu Restricted Areas Map

This map was produced by the Lajamanu Kurdiji group to explain the restricted ceremony areas around Lajamanu to visitors. 

The Kurdiji group had the active support of the CLC and the Shire to do this.

This map complements a series of signs, designed by the Kurdiji group, that mark the restricted areas.

The map was developed in the second half of 2013 and finalised in February 2014.


Kurdiji - Lajamanu Visitor Booklet 

This booklet complements the map that the Lajamanu Kurdiji group developed in 2013 / 14 and gives further information about the area around Lajamanu and some basic information about Warlpiri law and culture.

It was developed by Kurdiji group members, with the support of the CLC governance project, to welcome visitors to Lajamanu and explain some of the initial things that would help non-Aboriginal people to have a safe and happy time in Lajamanu.

The booklet was published in March, 2014.





Warlpiri Governance charts

These charts were developed by senior Lajamanu Kurdiji group men and women to explain Warlpiri governance and law to the younger generations in a way that was accessible to both Warlpiri and Kardiya (non-Aboriginal) people.

These senior people hope to work with their young people and their Kardiya friends in organisations in Lajamanu to promote use of these systems by Warlpiri and a good understanding of them by Kardiya.

These charts were developed in January, 2014 and published in March of the same year.




Makurnta-wangu - Makurnta