Central Land Council Annual Report 2016-2017

Output Group 2 • Land claims & acquisition support

OUTPUT GROUP 2 • Land claims & acquisition support

The Central Land Council aims to provide Aboriginal landowners with information, advice and support to enable them to manage their land in a sustainable and productive way.

Output group 2 chart

Output 2.1. Land claims

Tjukurla Burning Trip

Wakaya AlyawarrA

Following meetings with the Canteen Creek community in 2016 that indicated some uncertainty about proposed settlement arrangements reached between the NT Government and the CLC (on behalf of traditional owners), the CLC arranged independent legal representation to assist the Owairtilla Aboriginal Corporation.

The Aboriginal Land Commissioner set the claim down for hearing in November 2017 and the CLC has prepared all required land claim documentation for the hearing. The parties continue to pursue settlement of the claim and those discussions will not be impeded by the hearing.

Frances Well

Negotiations with the NT Government and the proprietors of Maryvale Station continue on the issues of detriment commented upon by the Commissioner. These are claims of detriment (loss, damage or injury) the pastoral lease holder claims he would suffer if the land was handed back and which need to be resolved.

The CLC continued to correspond with the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, the NT Government and the proprietors of Maryvale Station, and convened meetings with traditional owners, including at Titjikala on 1 March 2017.

It is pressing for a survey to enable the grant of the land in 2018.

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