Martin Jugadai

Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff)
Languages: Luritja and English

Aged care worker at Mount Liebig.

“I worked in mental health for nine years in Mt Liebig, Papunya and Kintore. I look forward to working with the other delegates to make good things happen. I want to teach young people both ways and set up an art centre. I feel good standing up for my people.”

Terrence Abbott

Papunya outstations
Languages: Pintubi, Pitjantjatjara and English

Chair of the Papunya store, member of the MacDonnell Regional Council’s local authority and housing reference committee and former Anangu Luritjiku ranger of 10 years.

“The ranger program makes me proud. That’s why I made it up to 10 years. I taught myself along the way, become who I am now. Before the ranger program I was nothing, now I want to represent my community.

I most wanted to talk about outstations, that’s why they vote for me. I like to help them to move back, take the kids back so families can live on country.

A lot of people are really worried about the kids. They want to be able to go back to outstations. Me too, I’ve been talking about it for a long time and I feel like I want to move that way and manage our country.”

Joseph Zimran

Walungurru outstations
Languages: Pitjantjatjara, Arrernte, Luritja and English

Member of the MacDonnell Regional Council’s local authority at Kintore, and former council worker in Ikuntji.

“I’m starting to step up now. I want to start representing my community and speak up about outstations.

“I’m thinking about justice in the community. We have a lot of problems with young kids breaking in. We got to take them back to the outstations. We got make strong communities for our new generations. They look up to us. We should take them out bush and stay at our outstations.

“If I could I would take my family back to our outstations, go hunting, and settle down.”


Walungurru (Kintore)
Languages: Pintupi, Pitjantjara, Warlpiri and English

Arnold Butler

Ikuntji outstations
Languages: Luritja and English

First-time council member who works on carparks and other tourist facilities near Ikuntji, such as the installation of a big cross on Memory Mountain.  “I’m proud of what I do, I work.”

“The community want me to speak up about outstations because I live at an outstation near Memory Mountain. We need solar power.”

Neil Peterson

Amundurrngu (Mount Liebig)
Languages: Luritja, Warlpiri and English

Night patrol worker with the MacDonnell Regional Council.

“I work for MacSafe running around, looking after kids. Every night I round them up. I’m on the safety committee and take old people home. I’m coming up team leader soon.”

I’m trying to speak up for my community, like for fixing houses and sorry camp.”

Roderick Kantamara

Amundurrngu outstations
Languages: Luritja, Warlpiri, Ngaanyatjarra and English

Worked for night patrol and as assistant teacher at Amundurrngu (Mt Liebig). “I am a pastor and I gave my life to God. I used to travel everywhere for gospel and teaching. For the last couple of years I’ve been working with young people, catching and breaking in horses. I try to teach and encourage others.”

Terry Morris

Languages: Luritja and English

“I am coming to meetings so I can learn more. I’ve been on the land council for a while now and am still learning. I need to listen to the old people, then I will start to speak up.”

Dalton McDonald


Former community council worker. New job parole officer. CLC delegate long time ago.