Valerie Martin

Languages: Warlpiri, Anmatyerr and English

Interpreter, chair of Pintupi Anmatyerr Warlpiri Media, deputy chair of the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority, director of the Kurra and the Yapa Kurlangu Ngurrara Aboriginal corporations and member of Yuendumu’s Granites Mine Affected Areas Aboriginal Corporation (GMAAAC) committee.

“I wear a few hats. I love working with my people and to know what’s ahead of them, especially the young people. I go and visit them in juvenile centres.”

Ms Martin has been a CLC delegate in the past and wants to mentor new delegates. She plans to pursue justice reform through the council because recent events have shown that “in the end we don’t get justice”.

“I want younger people to realise what is happening around town, change their behaviour and follow in our footsteps. Take responsibility.”

Newton Long

Mount Barkly
Languages: Warlpiri, Anmatyerr and English

First-time delegate who works with young men and women in Willowra. “I organise footy jumpers and softball uniforms and teach editing on the computer at the learning centre.”

Member of the Warlpiri Youth Development and the Granites Mine Affected Areas Aboriginal corporations.

“I wanted to be a delegate because I was hearing a lot of stories about my dad, Teddy Long, and my grandfather Mr Brown, who passed away. He was the CLC chair in 2003. He was fighting for recognition of the Coniston Massacre. Also from Mr Nelson, who was an elder from Yuendumu and a delegate.”

“I want to learn from another Yuendumu delegate, my uncle Warren Williams, and the delegates from the other CLC regions about their stories and their country. I also want get the street lights and oval at Willowra fixed up.”

“I would like to be the CLC chair one day.”

Ricardo Gallagher

Languages: Warlpiri and English

The youngest CLC delegate ever works at the Nyirrpi learning centre and plans to continue his nursing studies which were disrupted by COVID.

“Graduating in Year 12 from Kardinia International College in Geelong was the most successful thing I’ve done. I’m really proud of that. It dealt with a lot of challenges, like getting home sick. The Warlpiri Education and Training Trust supported me, for example with a school excursion to Thailand.”

He learnt about the CLC from his mum’s uncle, a former CLC delegate, and wants to speak up for new jobs and projects for Nyirrpi, such as a new recreation hall.

“I am interested in decisions by the whole community, not just one person.”

Terence Payton

Languages: Warlpiri and English

First-time delegate and former Central Desert Regional Council member. “It’s the first time in my life on the land council. I’m really happy and my family are really proud.”

“I’ve got two jobs, with the shire, as a field officer and as a team leader with the night patrol, stopping fights and people with grog and ganja.

“I’m proud of my son who is a CLC ranger, my daughter who works at the Willowra store and my other daughter who goes to school.

“I am learning a lot at the council meeting and want to keep going. I am also learning more and more about the law, stories and ceremony from Teddy Long.”

Simon Fisher Jnr

Yuendumu outstations
Languages: Warlpiri, Luritja and English

Former researcher, documentary maker and animator at Pintupi Anmatyerr Warlpiri Media and first-time delegate.

“I want to follow in the footsteps of my father-in-law, Mr Nelson, and become a good leader. I want to respect the traditional owners, the delegates and the community members. Discuss their issues, for example returning ancestral remains and artefacts that have been taken away in the 1930s.

“I made a trip to Adelaide with the oldfellas to visit the sacred objects and spent that last six months at the Adelaide Museum. We want to bring them back and show them to the next generations. I’m sure the CLC will back me up.”

Ned Hargraves

Languages: Warlpiri and English

Schooled in Central Australia, Adelaide and the Top End, worked in radio, and as a translator and court interpreter. Works for, and is on the board of, Pintupi Anmatyere Warlpiri Media. Former counsellor and deputy chair of the Central Desert Regional Council.

Regards culture, law and being connected to family as matters of the greatest importance.

“As a CLC delegate I speak for my people and speak out for our rights. I’m the voice of my people. That’s what I do, and I won’t stop until my last breath.”

Barracks for Port Adelaide and the Yuendumu Magpies. “The best thing about the young men coming up to be football stars is that it makes the community proud and excited.”

Warren Williams

Yuendumu outstations
Languages: Warlpiri and English

Deputy chair of the CLC, deputy president of the Central Desert Regional Council, former chair of the Warlpiri Youth Development and Yapa Kurlangu Ngurrara Aboriginal corporations, the Southern Tanami Kurdiji Mediation team and Yuendumu’s local authority. Mr Williams is a former assistant principal at the Yuendumu school and wants to advocate for community harmony and young people.

“We get them out to Mount Theo [outstation] where they learn their culture,” he said. “We’ve been asking for a school there for a very long time because they also need to learn to read and write.”

Gibson Long

Mount Denison
Languages: Warlpiri, Anmatyerr and English

First-time delegate, former essential services worker and local authority member in Yuelamu.

“I have also done welding and fencing for the CDP [federal government’s work-for-the-dole scheme].”

Mr Long barracks for the Geelong Cats and the Yuelamu Eagles, and drives the players to their games across the region.

“I want to stand up for my outstation, Mount Denison. We need more houses.”

Teddy Long

Languages: Anmatjere, Warlpiri and English

CLC executive member since 2012 and delegate since 2007. Director of the Wirliyajarrayi Cattle Company, community leader, member of Willowra’s Granites Mine Affected Area Aboriginal Corporation (GMAAAC) committee and former member of the ATSIC Regional Council. “I am proud of the Wirliyajarrayi Land Trust.”

Ross Rockman

Tanami Downs
Languages: Warlpiri and English

Member of Granites Mine Aboriginal Area Aboriginal Corporation (GMAAAC) committee for the Tanami Downs outstation.

“I am a spokesperson for Tanami Downs and I am proud of working with the land council as a first time delegate.”