Eastern Sandover

Jackie Mahoney

Alpurrurulam (Lake Nash)
Languages: Alyawarr, Arrernte, Akityarre and English

Former co-ordinator of the Rainbow Gateway employment program at Alpururrulam (Lake Nash).

Member of the CLC’s community lease money working group, the Alpururrulam local authority, the church committee and the Ooratippra and Bonya native title holding corporations.

“I am proud to work for my community and people.”

Joyce Jones

Utopia outstations
Languages: Alyawarre, Anmatyerr, Arrernte and English

Former health and housing worker. Now helps young mums and dads to look after their children and works with the Urapuntja Aboriginal Corporation and the elders.

“I am listening to their stories and recording them sometimes, for the younger generations. Because sometimes mining comes to search our land and not even ask, and damage the land.

“Sometimes outside people come and tell people from the homelands to move into one big area. It’s sad for the traditional owners and causes fighting. We’re born with our culture and families have got to make their own decisions. Outsiders have to ask us first before they change things.”

“I’m here for the community, to find out what’s happening and why they keep on changing the laws. Our laws don’t change.”

Graham Long

Utopia outstations
Languages: Alyawarre and English

Urapuntja Aboriginal Corporation chair, works at the Arlparra High School. Former store employee.

Mr Long runs Sunday school for the kids of Boundary Bore outstation in “a little tin house”, and says the community needs a church.

“I want to speak up for my community. In our water hole we have a special flower. They call it the Sandover Lily. The rangers look after it. They put a fence around it. Because cattle are getting in there.”
“I’m really proud of my community for looking after safety.”

Pamela (Pam) Corbett

Alpurrurulam (Lake Nash)
Languages: Alyawarr, Kaytetye and English

Store worker, former teacher’s assistant who worked on the Alpururrurlam dictionary. Member of the church committee and the community lease money working group since 2012.
“I am proud of the church we built and the project to fix up the water supply. I went to Canberra with the Central Australian Youth Link-up Service to advocate for Opal fuel at Mt Isa, Cammooweal and Urandanji to stop petrol sniffing.”

Roger Morton

Languages: Alyawarr and English

Former CLC employee and stockman and Ampilatwatja Bombers player.

“This is my first time on the CLC. I am following my big brother and want to stand up for my family and community. I help to coach the Ampilatwatja Bombers and support all my youngfellas.”

Esau Nelson

Languages: Alyawarr and English

Arlparra school employee and chair of the school council. First chair of the Urapuntja Aboriginal Corporation.

“I am fighting for the Utopia Rangers. My brother is one of them. I am following in the footsteps of my late father who was a CLC delegate.”

John Lewis

Languages: Alyawarr and English

Spokesperson for the Atnwengerrpe land claim who likes “talking for family and land”.

Enjoys taking youngfellas out bush to make boomerangs and for training.

“I follow the Port Power and Canteen Creek football teams and the Sydney Swans.”

Malcom Club

Languages: Alyawarre and English

Works for the Urapuntja Aboriginal Corporation on maintaining around 40 outstations in the Utopia region.

Used to play footy for the Hawks and is following in the footsteps of his father, a former long-term CLC delegate.

Eldon Ross

Languages: Alyawarr and English

“I am proud to represent Irrultja and my family. I like to help with ceremony, going hunting, helping old people and teaching young people.”