Juanita Rogers

Bamboo Springs
Languages: Malgnin, Jaru, Ngaringman and English

Director of the Mistake Creek Cattle Company since 2014 and of the Brumby Plains Aboriginal Corporation. Doing ‘grazing for profit’ training since 2016 and wants to learn about governance.

“I live on a small remote community on my country, Bamboo Springs looking after my family. My mum inspired me to stand for the CLC.”

“I want to better our communities and speak up for better services and infrastructure on outstations.”

Leah Leaman

Daguragu outstations
Languages: Gurindji and English

CLC delegate since 2018. Works with Territory Families as a remote family support officer. Grew up in Daguragu and attended Yirara College in Alice Springs.

“The history of Gurindji people and the old people inspired me to stand for the CLC. My grandfathers were the original people of the Central Land Council in the early to 70 and it was the voice of the people, to get their plight out there, get the government to listen.”

She wants the council to keep holding governments accountable for services to Aboriginal people.

“One of the big challenges is to help them to understand. They don’t understand because they don’t live [in our communities]. And now the rent is going up. How is a grandmother with five or six kids to survive on her own, looking after everyone’s kids?”

An accomplished artist, Ms Leaman paints with the Karungkarni Art and Culture Centre in Kalkaringi and has exhibited overseas. Her painting Follow the waterways won the Delegates’ Choice Award category in the 2021 Vincent Lingiari Art Award.

The painting “tells the story of two very special couples that lived with my family. They followed the waterways by foot all the way from here to the coast. They journeyed with their beloved dogs, billycan, hook spear and a rolled up little calico swag. Never getting lost, they were the last of their kind.”

Sharon Anderson

Languages: Warlpiri and English

Member of the Warlpiri Education and Training Trust’s advisory committee and director of the Granites Mine Affected Area Corporation. Registered interpreter and accredited mediator who also works with World Vision in early childhood development.

Community facilitator in early childhood who mentors Yapa staff in childcare, intensive family support worker with the Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (youth diversion and helping young parents).

Worked for 15 years as a teacher assistant at the Lajamanu school and was also employed as literacy centre worker in Lajamanu and interpreter/translator at the Katherine Regional Aboriginal Language Centre.

Has an advanced diploma in primary school teaching and studies for a bachelor’s degree.

“I’d like to see strong members on the CLC who can speak up and be a strong advocate. I am passionate about education and children.”

Geoffrey Matthews

Languages: Warlpiri, Jaru and English

Born on Mount Doreen Station and worked as a grader operator for the Wulaign Outstation Resource Centre in Lajamanu, an Aboriginal community police officer and for ten years as a liaison officer for the CLC’s anthropology team.

Former CLC executive member who used to be a delegate “in the 1980s, when David Ross was the director”. Former deputy chair chair of the local board of the Central Desert Regional council.

“I want to support and make my community proud and make sure its needs are met.”

Peter Patterson

Lajamanu outstations
Languages: Warlpiri and English

“I am working at the school and for Centrelink. During school holidays and on the weekend my family stays at the outstation, looking for bush turkey, and teaching the grandchildren about bush tucker. My big brother and family taught me, now I am teaching my children and grandchildren.

“People at Lajamanu nominated me and voted for me. I want to thank them. It is my first time and I want to learn more about what happens at delegate meetings.”

Jessie Cook

Mistake Creek
Languages: Gurindji, Malign and English

“I used to look after Mistake Creek Station with my partner. We cleaned it up.

I am proud to be a CLC delegate for my region. This is my second time on this council. My father used to come for meetings, and he inspired me to stand.”

Dianne King

Languages: Gurindji and English

Director of the Daguragu Ngumar Aboriginal Corporation since 1989.
“I will try my best to push for the store-office and bigger lights for the oval at my community.”

Daniel Algy

Dagaragu outstations
Languages: TBC

Details coming.