Entry Permit for Minerals and Energy Companies

How to apply:

Online entry permit applications for minerals and energy companies are now being accepted. Please note that the following conditions must be met:

  • Persons applying for a CLC entry permit to access Aboriginal land for the purposes of mineral or petroleum exploration must comply with standard Northern Territory border entry requirements including mandatory supervised quarantine notwithstanding any exemption granted by the NTG.  Any issued permit is conditional on compliance with the general requirement to quarantine.
  • Where a person has been in a declared hotspot in the 14 days prior to entering the Northern Territory, notwithstanding any exemption from  supervised quarantine granted by the Northern Territory Government (NTG), that person will not be permitted entry to Aboriginal land for 14 days after leaving the hotspot irrespective of any previously issued CLC entry permit. (i.e. NTG issued exemptions do not apply to entry onto Aboriginal land for purposes of mineral or petroleum exploration).
  • Exemptions cannot be made without the prior written approval of the CLC for each proposed case, which may entail the implementation of further controls.
  • As per Northern Territory requirements, where a person has entered the Northern Territory from an area that is declared a hotspot within 14 days of entry, they should declare themselves to the NTG COVID-19 hotline and follow advice. If the person has entered Aboriginal land with a valid permit and a hotspot is subsequently declared they or their employer must notify the CLC of the situation, and the proposed action to be taken.

If required by CLC a Declaration on the permitee’s travel movements in the 14 days prior to entry onto Aboriginal land may be requested at the time of entry.

The application form can be found here.