On 2 July 2013 the Federal Court will be sitting at Laramba Community Living Area, approximately 210 kilometres northwest of Alice Springs, to make a determination by consent of native title over nearby Napperby Perpetual Pastoral LeaseĀ (PPL).

The Federal court will recognise the non-exclusive native title rights of the Anmatyerr and Arrernte people whose country includes the area where Napperby Station is located. Justice Reeves will preside over the court.

The current owners will continue to operate Napperby as a pastoral lease.

CLC Director David Ross congratulated the native title holders and paid tribute to the many claimants who have passed away while this process has taken place.

The original application was filed with the court in 2005 as a result of a mining company being granted an exploration licence over an area of important cultural significance to the Alherramp/Rrweltyapet, Ilewerr, Mamp/Arrwek, Tywerl, Arrangkey, Anentyerr/Anenkerr and Ntyerlkem/Urapentye estate groups on the station lease.

The native title holders were anxious to protect these areas of high significance and instructed CLC to lodge a native title application over the area.

This application was withdrawn on 17 March 2011 and a new native title application over the whole of the pastoral lease was filed with the court.