The Central Land Council supports the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of the NT’s demand to be consulted by the NT Government and for accurate COVID vaccination statistics.

“We call on the NT Government to use the Commonwealth’s reliable vaccination numbers so we can have a bit more confidence that the NT’s opening-up plans don’t put the lives of remote community residents at risk,” CLC chief executive Les Turner said.

“The NT’s vaccination statistics are inflated and lack credibility.

“The real vaccination numbers are at least 10 per cent lower than the NT Government claims. It must stop the spin and get with the program.”

Mr Turner said the government must stop making announcements about the pandemic without first consulting with Aboriginal medical services.

“This is not just policy on the run – it’s policy about us, but without us.

“We will no longer tolerate this pattern of the NT Government ignoring the views of Aboriginal people and their representatives as soon as it gets pressure from industry – in this case tourism and hospitality – or not even seeking their views in the first place.”