Central Land Council Annual Report 2015-2016

Output Group 2 • Land claims & acquisition support

OUTPUT GROUP 2 • Land claims & acquisition support

The Central Land Council aims to provide Aboriginal landowners with information, advice and support to enable them to manage their land in a sustainable and productive way.

Output 2.1. Land claims

Wakaya Alyawarre

In-principle agreement was reached between the NT Government and the CLC (on behalf of traditional owners and Aboriginal residents of Canteen Creek) to enable the grant of freehold land under the Land Rights Act for the bulk of the claim area, together with NT title for an Aboriginal corporation for Canteen Creek.

Revisions to surveys for the settlement of the claim (and particularly the tenure for the community of Canteen Creek) were provided by the NT Government, requiring redrafting of ILUA documents in early 2015. Consultations with traditional owners and community members were undertaken by the CLC and instructions taken for the establishment of a landholding corporation for Canteen Creek. The claim will be finalised once the ILUA documents are registered and titles handed back in 2017.

Frances Well

The Frances Well Land Claim was lodged by the CLC on behalf of traditional owners in 1981. The report of the Aboriginal Land Commissioner, Justice JR Mansfield AM, was delivered to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs and to the Administrator of the Northern Territory in June 2016. The Commissioner recommend that the whole of the land comprising NT Portion 1229 and NT Portion 4258 be granted to a single land trust for the benefit of Aboriginal people entitled by Aboriginal tradition to the use or occupation of that land as the traditional Aboriginal owners of that land (excluding existing public roads over area).

The CLC will seek to resolve the issues of detriment commented upon by the Commissioner and press for a survey to enable the prompt grant of the land.

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