Employment support

Our employment unit links job seekers and employers and has helped many Aboriginal people take their first steps into a job. 

Our team prepares job seekers for the rigours and responsibilities of fulltime employment and offers mentoring support to help people stay employed in industries ranging from minerals and energy, agribusiness, tourism and natural and cultural resource management.

We help employers who have agreements to operate on Aboriginal land to:

  • promote employment and training opportunities to Aboriginal people
  • develop and coordinate pre-vocational and other training programs
  • plan and deliver career information events and recruitment campaigns in communities 
  • identify local Aboriginal people to recruit

We help Aboriginal people find and keep jobs with contractors working on Aboriginal land through:

  • assistance with applications, interview processes, pre-employment checks and travel arrangements
  • enrolment in pre-vocational and other training programs to develop skills, knowledge and qualifications
  • facilitation of suitable recruitment processes in targeted communities
  • mentoring and advocacy for Aboriginal people in relation to work readiness, performance and retention

Job seekers can fill in the CLC Employment Registration Form or the Newmont Referral and Recruitment Form and mail it to, or call (08) 8951 6211.