Land Rights News Central Australia: Land Rights News (April 2010)

Published: April, 2010

Mr Brown and Trish Albert launching the book at the NMA in Canberra.

New Coniston Massacre book to go to schools

Part of a series of 18 school books on Aboriginal issues written by Queensland Indigenous author Trish Albert , the Coniston book draws on much of the CLC’s work for the 75th commemoraton of the event in 2003.

Mr Brown who was Chairman of the CLC at the time, was passionate about the project and ensured that the event proceeded despite a number of difficulties.

He travelled to Canberra to help Ms Albert launch the book and talk about how important it is to recognise these events in Australian history.

The Coniston Massacre is the story of how a tragedy unfolded after Fred Brooks was killed at Yurrkuru.

Constable Murray accompanied by a number of people led a reprisal party which lasted for months and left hundreds dead.

The effects of the massacre are still felt today as many people vividly remember either the event or their parent’s stories about it.

Many fled the area for the rest of their lives.

The book is available from Pearson Australia.